Pictures of Black Holes

Compared to No Strings Attached, Pictures of Black Holes is a more thematically optimistic album, which is in contrast with the over all darker, heavier sound. No matter what you're dealing with, whether youre job is to take a picture of a black hole or just trying to find the strength to get out of bed in the morning, it's all relevant.

The titular black hole also represents the issues and anxieties that we all deal with and are trying to escape from: a seemingly inescapable, all-consuming and invisible dread that may lead you down a path of which there is no return.

Artwork designed by Alex Eckman-Lawn.


A short EP with four tracks from No Strings Attached that have been completely reworked from the ground up.

"alterna" literally translates from the Romanian word for alternate. Given the tarot card theme of the artwork for this and No Strings Attached, I thought this to be an appropriate title.

Artwork designed by Michael Wilson.

No Strings Attached

This album is about letting go: moving on and cutting ties from an old way of life that was bad for you, no matter how strong your bonds are.

Letting go can be hard. It's easy to focus on what was good instead of confronting the past head on and looking ahead to what's next.

Be who you are supposed to be. Don't settle for anything less.

Artwork designed by Michael Wilson.


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