Hip-Hop Wizard is about (sorry mum & dad) getting extremely high in Jamaica and having the most intense sexual experience of my life. Musically, the drum beat came first and it has this slow, driving, hip-hop vibe (hence the title).

This was the first song I finished writing for the second album. I found it pretty difficult to step outside of my comfort zone, so that's what this song is about: finding that confidence to do something different and trying again if it doesn't work out.

The first single from the second album. I wanted to challenge myself by writing a song that could be perceived as having intent, but in reality isn't actually about anything specific.

This song is huge middle finger to anyone that would belittle you for choosing to do something different. Don't make people feel bad just because your life didn't turn out the way you wanted.

Christmas as a child is all about those sleepless nights running up to the big day: the sense of wonder, the bright decorations. As an adult, it's all about how quickly you can empty your wallet. I thought it made an interesting juxtaposition.

A song about a love once lost. On the surface, its about pining after someone once the relationship has ended, but it's really more about how if the person truly meant something to you, there's always that lingering flame, never to be doused.

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes, no matter how well suited two people can be for one another, sometimes it just doesn't work out. You could drive yourself to insanity working out why, but ultimately it's best to just let nature take its course.

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